Improve the air in your home

One of the most common reasons for poor air quality in a home is ductwork that has gone without being cleaned for long periods of time. Dust, pet dander and debris will build up over time and constantly circulate back through the air in your home. Those who suffer from allergies will be benefitted immensely from having their air duct system cleaned out, as those pesky allergens that cause you issues will be cleaned out of the system.

Evolution Heating And Cooling will clean the ducts of your Delhi, CA or Modesto, CA home using top of the line equipment to make sure nothing is left behind. Anything that falls to the ground during the process will be cleaned up using a shop vac.

Our team can perform an air duct cleaning while you are at home or away, leaving your air quality cleaning without a large-scale invasive process uprooting you from your home.

How often do I need my air ducts cleaned?

For those who suffer from asthma or severe allergies, it is recommended to get an annual cleaning of the air duct system. If not, having the system cleared out every few years will make sure your Delhi, CA home has clean air free of debris!

If your air duct system is due for a cleaning, call Evolution Heating and Cooling TODAY!

Dryer Vent

Don't let your Delhi, Turlock or Merced, CA home go up in smoke


Many overlook one of the most common reasons house fires start: built up debris in the dryer vent! Evolution Heating And Cooling understands the importance of keeping the dryer vent clean in your home.

Over time, lint and other debris builds up in the dryer vent, and without regular maintenance, this can turn into a serious fire hazard. Our team uses special brushes to get all of the fiber and cloth pieces that have built up in your system.

Dryer vent cleaning can also help your dryer run more efficiently and save you money. With lots of buildup in the vent, the machine is forced to work harder and use more energy. A simple dryer vent cleaning can clear the way from your dryer to run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, allowing you not only to save money on the energy bill each month, but also extend the lifespan of your drying machine.

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